How it works

Air-more is an innovative service provided by G&G Aviation to efficiently find the best opportunities on the market for:

 purchase, sale or lease


airliners, business aircraft, helicopter and engines

Air-more combines the power of the expertise and care of aviation professionals with the marketing visibility allowed by internet

Customer insert the relevant equipment and personal details on the web site form. Upon receipt of the customer offer or request, G&G Aviation will immediately start to search the opportunity through its market contacts and the most recently received offering/requests.

After an initial period G&G shall publicize the equipment also putting an AD on the site while continuing to actively market it through its contacts and, in some cases, also through other web sites. The AD will not contain any reference to the Customer or equipment identity therefore maintaining a good privacy and not overexposing the equipment or the requirement on the market. In order to keep an updated database the AD shall expire after 90 days but can be renewed by the customer unlimited times.

G&G shall filter all enquiries received by potentially interested parties passing to the customer only real prospects.

The service is totally free of charge until a transaction is actually concluded, between the customer and a prospect introduced by G&G, within a predefined period of time.

Only in this case the Customer shall pay to G&G a success fee determined on the value of the transaction with a percentage decreasing with the rise of the total value. All applicable terms and conditions shall be published on the site and will only be effective after confirmation of agreement by the customer, without hidden commitment taken with a inadvertent click.