air-more provides more

more ACCESS: The possibility to access real off-market opportunities guarantees discrete transactions and allows excellent deals

more EXPERIENCE:Not just an AD but a real professional service combining the power of internet with long standing expertise

more PRIVACY: Your identity is disclosed only to really interested prospects or sellers, no burdens from timeloosers

more CONTROL: Equipment details are not completely shown on internet, but provided only upon request to idetified potential buyers 

more TRANSPARENCY: The applicable terms and conditions are published on the site but become fully effective only upon actual countersignature by the customer

more OPPORTUNITIES: The mix of worldwide advertising and professional network maximize chances to place or find the aircraft or engine quickly and properly

more ECONOMY: Fees are ONLYdue if transaction is completed, all the rest is free of charge

more TIME: The entire process is handled by G&G, the customer has more time to dedicate to its business

more OPTIONS: It will work for owners, brokers, buyers, lessors and manufacturers with specific features for each one

more INFORMATION: It will contain special database of aircraft features and other tools